Where Do Your Priorities Fit?

An expert in time management was speaking to a group of business students when he decided to do an experiment. He pulled out a large mason jar, a dozen fist-sized rocks and carefully placed them, one by one, into the jar. When no more rocks would fit inside, he asked, “Is this jar full?” Everyone in the class said, “Yes.”

He reached under the table and pulled out a bucket of gravel. The instructor then poured gravel in the jar, shook it and asked, “Is this jar full? ” By this time the class was on to him. They replied: “Probably not,”

Next, he reached under the table and brought out a bucket of sand. He started dumping the sand in the jar until all the space between the rocks was filled. Once more, he asked the question. “Is this jar full?” “No” the class shouted.

Finally, he grabbed a pitcher of water and poured until the jar was filled to the brim. The speaker looked at the class and asked, “What is the point of this illustration?” The speaker listened to a number of very good responses and said: “The truth this illustration teaches us is this: If you don’t put the big rocks in first, you’ll never get them in at all.”

What are the big rocks in your life? Are they your spouse, children and grandchildren? Are they your work, television or gambling? Are you wasting time with things that are unimportant? What is important in your life?

Learning About Child Learning

Being an effective teacher one’s child begins first with knowing how you child learns. Getting a grasp on your child’s learning characteristics is essential to homeschooling success. What is your child’s learning ability levels? Motivation is also an important aspect. What motivates your child to learn? Knowing the pieces of your child’s learning style come together to make up the learning environment. A child’s learning activity is as diverse as each one’s personality. As you can see, a one size fits all approach isn’t going to be conducive to a dynamic learning environment.

In the beginning the best way to learn about how your child learns is to observe everything they do in their daily activities. Take notes, written or mental on how the child learns and approaches new learning situations. For instance, do they appear to learn more by touching and feeling, do they seem to learn more by drawing or expression? ‘Do they learn by watching or doing? Today there are many child development tools, books, and software available on various types of learning styles to you to get you going in the right direction. Do some online searches’ regarding child learning, learning activities, child’s learning tools, child learning websites’. That type of criteria. You’ll find much information on all types of learning.

An often little thought of aspect to child’s learning is what time of day does the child learn best. When is their peak learning times? This is particularly more in play with younger children.

Again all of this discussion and now research that you have done is circling back to creating an optimal learning environment for you and your child. Knowing how they learn. What motivates children to learn? When do they learn best? All of these come under the heading of learning style. It’s important to know how to break the areas down into specific knowledge for yourself to insure that you create that highly effective learning environment so the learning experience for both you and your child is a wonderful road filled with much joy and discovery!

Quality Keyboard Controllers

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Your Goals Are Unique

We have just begun another year in our lives. It is time to regroup and rethink our goals and desires. Our goals may be partially dictated by outer circumstances. These are cases where we need more money for food, repairs to the home or automobile, medication, winter clothing, heat and so forth. These goals are established by necessity.

Other goals are those established by desire or want. We may desire a more attractive appearance, an automobile which will be the envy of all who see it, a mansion instead of a home, a summer home in the mountains and a winter home in the tropics. These desires can be turned into goals.

When the desire is strong enough, the goals can be readily achieved. There are those who will not believe this statement. For those, I say to look back over your life and think about those times when you wanted something so badly you just knew you would die if you did not get it.

Perhaps it was a new bicycle, or a new doll, or a new romance in your life. When you wanted that something so bad you could not sleep nights for thinking about it, you vusually either got the item you desired or something even better.

You may also have found that once your dream was fulfilled it wasn’t quite what you thought it should be. In other words, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

Much has been said and written concerning goal setting. Briefly put, it is to determine what you want and set goals for getting it. Your goals should be attainable, but not without some effort and extension on your part. The goals should not be so far-fetched as to be unattainable.

Your goals will be unique to you and your desires. No other person can establish your goals for you. Should they try to do so, they have imposed their goals on your life. Your goals should be in line with your ethics and morals, and something you deeply desire. A superficial wish cannot be considered a goal.

We have been given this life to develop, change, grow and enjoy. There is no reason for lack of any type in our lives, for there is ample abundance on this earth and in the universe. We are where we are at this point in our life because this is where we have chosen to be.

We have the choice of abundance or abject poverty. You say this is not so, that you were born in abject poverty and have had no opportunity for a fine education or experience to qualify you for a better position in life. I say you can always seek higher and better opportunities.

Look around you. A relative few inherited their wealth from their ancestors. The great majority of those having abundance in their lives started with very little. They refused to be limited by circumstances and created their own opportunities.

They rightly exercised their power of choice. Have you and I effectively used our power of choice? You will have to answer that question for yourself.

Labor Day Deals

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Stop Losing Important Emails

Are you dead sure about receiving of all the important emails that is sent to you?

“The chances are that you are among the 42% of the people who ARE NOT receiving the genuine emails and newsletters that you requested for”.

Why this is so?

Increasingly, ISPs are using filtering systems to try and keep S/p/a/m out of customers’ inboxes. Being automated, these filters are not perfect. Many authentic emails get caught in these filters.

Sometimes, they accidentally filter that “All-Important-Email” you were waiting for. And you have no way to know which of your emails is filtered. The end result is, you end up losing critical info that may prove to be vital to your business

Is there a way to solve the problem?

Fortunately for all of us, there exist simple solutions. But the action has to come from you to make sure that these critical communications reaches your mailbox – Unblocked.

Six of the most common and easy solutions are given below. It’s simple to implement.

#1. *The HOTMAIL User*: You can ‘Safe List’ an email ID in hotmail. Here’s how:

1. Choose the ‘Options’ tab from the top
2. Select ‘Safe List’ ( Given under the head -Mail Handling-)
3. Now type the email address that you want messages to be received without filtering in the one line form.
4. Now choose ‘Add’

#2 *The AOL User*: Place an email ID in the ‘Address Book’ in AOL. Here’s how:

1. Go to Keyword Mail Controls
2. Select the screen name to which the newsletter is send (e.g. “HomeBiz Tip E-Mag”)
3. Now choose ‘Customize Mail Controls’ For This Screen Name

4. 4. For AOL v7.0, include in the section: “exclusion and inclusion parameters”, the domains from which email is send. For AOL v8.0, choose “Allow email from all AOL members, email addre^sses and domains”
5. Choose ‘Next’.
6. Choose “Save” displayed at the bottom.

Important Note On AOL 9.0 : AOL 9.0 has become more complicated. The best way is to place an email ID to the “Person I know” buddy list. All mail you receive from this email ID will pass through the filters. So, make sure that when you join for a newsletter, it is ADDED to your buddy list.

#3 *The YAHOO User*: Correct the ‘Bulk’ Folder in your Yahoo. Here’s how:

1. Newsletters gets mistakenly filtered to your Yahoo ‘Bulk’ folder. Go to your ‘Bulk’ folder; locate the filtered newsletter and choose, “this is not S^pam”, next to the “From” field.

Also, to ensure that you do not miss on important emails to your Yahoo Inbox, do these steps:

1. Open your Yahoo mailbox
2. Choose ‘Mail Options’ (Given at the right corner)
3. Choose ‘Filters’
4. Choose ‘Add ‘ button.
5. Now, in the top row – From header: Choose ‘contains’.
6. Type the domain from which the newsletter is sent.
7. Finally, at the bottom -Move the message to: Choose Inbox.
8. Choose ‘Add Filter’ button.

#4. *For OTHER Users*: Meant for email programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and Netscape Mail. Here’s how:

Inform your ISP or the person responsible for your email that you want to receive all communications from a particular domain. So that he can continue to receive our Zero-cost products without a break.

#5. *For Own Filter Software*: Many times the filter software installed in the computer is the culprit. Here’s how to prevent it.

Look for “Options” in the filter software that you have installed in your computer. Then give permissions for all emails from a particular email ID or domain.

#6. *Two Additional Tips To Prevent Loosing Important Emails*:

Tip #1 : You may be currently receiving all your email messages without a hitch. But, it’s still advisable to white-list and prevent future problems.

Tip #2 : No matter what the email system you are currently using, add the email ID of your opt-in Newsletters’ to the ‘Address Book’ of your particular email system.

Currently, white-listing is the ONLY way to ensure that you receive all your important emails. Do not ignore this important aspect of email communication.

From a personal angle, the major chunk of what I learned so far is from small, nifty newsletters that arrives in my mail box with a welcome smile. I can never block these little capsules of vital info.

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The Power of 90 Seconds

ou can use the Power of 90 Seconds to transform your life. This power will allow you to:

=> Prevent countless problems.

=> Add additional hours to your day

=> Maximize your efficiently while reducing stress.

=> Save hours of time as you make less mistakes and prevent problems.

=> Make Smart decisions.

Few people truly understand the power of 90 seconds and use it properly. The results are staggering: unnecessary stress, problems, hours of lost time, etc.

You will be different! You will discover this rule and use it to its maximum benefit. This article will show you how to harness the “Power of 90 Seconds.”

Let’s discover how to use “The Power of 90 Seconds.”

You must understand two things:

1. It takes over 20 times more time or money to fix the problem than in does to prevent the problem. (Often it is one-hundred times) Thus time spent on preventing problems is as valuable as gold. (Don’t you forget it!)

2. Seconds spend on prevention will save you hours of time, loads of frustration and stress, and piles of money.

Here is how you can use the “Power of 90 Seconds”.

Use 90 seconds to:

=> Prevent a problem.

=> Think through a Decision,

=> Do something now which will save time down the road.

=> Fix the problem now.


=> Your boss comes in and hands you an important document. Instead of using 90 second to file it away, you toss it on a stack of papers. As usual it is gone when you want it three days later. Stress and anxiety builds as the time slips by while you frantically search for the report. You could have saved 30 minutes by using 90 seconds to file it away.

=> You decide not to write down an appointment in your book because it would have taken to long. (30 Seconds). This results in a lost customer, distrust, and a talk with your boss. Thirty seconds would have prevented all this.

=> Instead of writing down a list of the things you need, you go straight to the grocery store. You forget an important idem. The result: * $3 of gas lost. * 1 hour of time gone forever because you had to back to the store.

=> You look outside your window and see that your son has left his bike in back of your car. Instead of spending 90 seconds to move it or tell your son to move it, you decide to wait deal with the problem tomorrow. Of course you forget and back over his bicycle:

Ninety seconds would have prevented:

* � Hour changing a tire.(plus $40 for a new one)
* $95.95 for a new bicycle.
* 10 minutes of lecture from the your boss at work for being late.

=> One afternoon you notice that the rope that secures your dog to the tree is getting frayed. Just like human nature, you figure you will replace the old rope with the new rope from the garage in the next few days. Three days later your dog breaks loose. Three minutes of replacing the rope would have prevented:

* 5 Hours searching for the dog.
* $50 reward for having him returned.
* $13 spent on printing flyers.
* Undue Stress

Get the picture? Everyday you will run into situations where you can use the “Power of 90 Seconds” to prevent problems and reduce stress.

It is all part of the 90/10 Secret. Discover the secret by reading the article: “Discover the 90/10 Secret: It will change your life.” Find it here: http://www.magic-people- skills.com?9010Secret

To make sure this is clear, let me throw out some specific examples where you can use the “Power of 90 Seconds.”

=> Fill the car up with gas when the tank is only 1/4 full. Never will you have to waste time and money standing by the side of the road.

=> Replace burned out light bulbs, old tires, or etc. now. Take 90 some time and do it now, before you fall down the steps in the dark, have an accident, etc.

=> Think before you speak. Save embarrassment and a ruined reputation.

=> Use 90 seconds to file something away before it gets lost.

=> When you see something that could be a future problem, fix it now.

=> Make the phone call now, instead of waiting.

Do you see the “Power of 90 seconds”? Let me use one last point to illustrate it.

One day I was on the beach by the great Lakes. For six hours I played soccer, volleyball, and had a blast. However, I did not take the time to spend 90 seconds and apply sun block on my feet. My feet got scorched and I mean scorched. The result?

=> $$$$$$ spent on lotions and creams

=> Fiery pain for 7 days

=> Swollen feet..

=> Numerous hours lost while I laid on the couch with my feet on ice.

=> Missed activities, work, and a lack of productivity.

If I had used 90 Seconds to put sun block on, none of this would happened.

Happy Trails for a Stress-Free Year

Finding happiness is easier than you might think. Happiness is all around us, and all we have to do is hop in the car and hit the road to find it. Actually, there is more to true happiness than just jumping in the car, but for many people, self-actualization does involve discovering new places, new cultures, beautiful nature and secret little hideaways. Your Daily Dose of Happiness share a few of their favorite “Happy Trails,” hoping you, too, will find happiness there.


For a Canadian, snow is no big deal. This year, we’ve been shoveling it since early November. But to find snow in a desert, that really made my eyes pop. It was noon, and it had rained in Palm Springs, California, the previous evening. But the famous Mojave Desert is actually quite high up in the mountains, and the rain fell there as snow. Just how amazing was it to see snow tucked up against the north side of a cactus? Amazing enough that, through my jet-lag, I delivered a mostly impromptu speech on the sighting at my Toastmasters club.

If you want to see snow sidling up to a cactus – what a photo op! – head for the desert in January or February, and make sure to choose a desert with a high altitude. The Mojave Desert proved most effective for this. Now, should I mention the Joshua trees?


It really is hard to fill one’s eyes with wonder, what with Star Wars and The Lord of The Rings and so many special effects that make a person just want to yawn. Then, every now and then, one comes across something truly unique, something that actually does make your eyes pop with wonder. Such is Yellowknife, a town built on a peninsula of rock in the Arctic. What is unique about this town are the houses in the old city. There are some amazing mansions hoisted up on the rock. Well, at least some corners are on the rock. Others are on stilts one or two stories high. Each house is unique, and so are the various contraptions to keep them level on this uneven land. (Why would anybody choose this spot to settle in the first place, with so much flat land all around?)

The second amazing feature is the shanty-town shacks scattered among the mansions. In every other city, the slums and the ritzy parts of town are separate, but not in Yellowknife. I found that a truly stereotype- shattering sight.


Happiness is spelunking. Let’s face it, you’ve done a million vacations on the road and in the air and on the water. How many have you done underground? Two, in my case. Once in Pennsylvania on a boat, and once in Gatineau Park, in Quebec.

If you think of a cave as something cavernous, these don’t qualify. The two caves are merely a passage for a stream that flows underground for a few yards. The first cave is just right for little children, who can wade in the gently-flowing water.

The second cave is a little more challenging, as the water pools into a miniature underground lake. In the spring, when the water is high, there’s not much room for a head to pass between the water and the roof of the cave. Of course, you have to be daring to brave the cold spring water. June is a great time to visit; by August there’s not as much water. And can there be anything happier than splashing in water while exploring a cave? Happiness is watching the sunrise over Mobile Bay. And what better time to visit the city by the bay than Mardi Gras, when the historic city puts on it’s party face. This traditional celebration was brought to Mobile by the French even before it was established in New Orleans. That history is preserved at the Mardi Gras Cottage Museum located on the grounds of Oakleigh, an antebellum mansion located in the historic section of this fun city. Centuries of Mardi Gras history are packed into this little cottage. Be sure to visit Oakleigh while you are there. In fact Mobile is packed with great historic sites from the French Fort Conte to the U.S.S Alabama, These sites have been carefully preserved or restored

Take time away from the celebrating to visit Bellingrath Gardens and home, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Weeks Bay Preserve, and Mobile Botanical Gardens (which will introduce you to the ecological diversity of Mobile as well). Then there are all of those parades. All of which are guaranteed to make you feel good.


Flowers are a sure mood lifter, so don’t miss the Festival of Camellias at Massee Lane Gardens in Fort Valley Georgia encompasses the entire month of February when camellia blooms are at their peak.(Something is out of place in this sentence.) The flowers begin to show color in October and continue through late March.

Not only camellias show their beautiful faces here. Each season provides a new delight for the eyes with roses, flowering bulbs, day lilies and much more. Even the path winding throughout the gardens is unusual. Scattered randomly through it you will find ancient millstones gathered from middle Georgia. Also along the path you spot granite mile stones from the Old Wire Road witch ran from New Orleans to Washington, D. C. The road was so named because it was the route of the first telegraph lines in the southeast.

After you have absorbed nature’s outdoor offerings, visit the two museums housing the largest public collection of Boehm Porcelains. Here you will find nature reproduced so exquisitely you will sometimes think you are looking on a live bird or a blooming flower.


Food is sure to make everyone happy and Taste of Athens, a community fund raiser, is sure to make you feel good all over. You get to sample all of the exotic restaurants Athens Georgia abounds in all under on roof and contribute to a good cause at the same time this February 23th.

Athens’ restaurants are hard to beat both in number and in excellent cuisine. Cafe and Oyster Bar, where you experience the ambiance as well as the authentic food of “The Big Easy”. It’s housed in an old bank building and the mellow brick walls are reminiscent of some of the French Quarter’s courtyard restaurants. The majority of the food served here is spicy, for example The Blackened Redfish, gumbo and Crawfish Etoffee, but there are enough less heated dishes to suit any taste. Any festival that brings all of these culinary delights together makes me happy.

Power Supply Unit for Guitar

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