How to tackle your baby’s early waking

Most babies are naturally early risers. Being up before the milkman is all part and parcel of being a parent of a young child, and to a large extent it is something that you have to accept and go along with.
In my experience, early waking problems are notoriously difficult to tackle, as when your baby has had a long block of sleep [even if it is not technically enough]he will find it very difficult to re settle. This is especially true in the 1 -2 year age group, when babies are only too aware of the delights of the coming day.

Putting your baby to bed later in the evening rarely makes any difference to the time that he wakes in the morning. This is because he is often “programmed” by both internal and external wake up triggers.
Parents vary in the opinions about what constitutes an acceptable getting up time for their baby, but generally, provided he wakes up happy – between 6am and 8am can be considered a normal wake up time for a baby. So when might early waking be considered a problem?

1.If your baby wakes before 6am and is crying and still looking tired.
2.If your baby has a ritual of a dawn waking and crying, followed by a milk feed or transfer to your bed – and then back to sleep.
3.If your baby is tired and grumpy on waking and then takes an early, lengthy daytime nap.

If any of the above factors sound familiar to you, then it is well worth considering some gentle sleep training in the early mornings to extend your baby’s sleep.

First of all, you need to take an honest look at your baby’s over all sleep ability. If early waking is part of a picture of generally poor settling and night waking, you need to address what happens at the beginning of the night and during the night first of all. You will get no where with morning sleep training if you do not have good bedtime settling practices.

If your baby’s early waking is part of his generally poor sleeping skills, you should concentrate on teaching her to fall asleep independently at the start of the night and on removing any incentives for night time waking.

These include:
-Giving an unnecessary night feed
-Moving your baby into bed with you during the night
-Allowing her to play or watch a DVD during the night

You should then treat the early waking just as if it were a night waking; offering the same consistent response as you did at settling and night waking times. If you approach it in this way, you have a great chance of successfully stopping the early waking.

If you have sorted out any problems earlier in the night and your child is still waking early, crying, rubbing her eyes and looking very tired, it is clear that she needs to sleep on for longer and needs your help to do so. It is not a good idea to leave her alone for a long period to cry, before going in to her, as you will teach her that in order for the day to begin she has to cry for you. This is not good start to the day for either her or you. It is better to go to her before she becomes upset, and praise her for being in her cot.

You need to tell her or indicate to her that it is still sleep time and then either remain beside her or keep popping in and out to her until you reach an acceptable getting up time. When you reach this time, you should open her curtains [even if it is still dark outside] before getting her out of her cot, just to give her a visual prompt/signifier that it is now getting up time. She will soon come to realize that when the curtains are closed it means that it is sleep time. If at the beginning of the night, you incorporate closing her curtains before she goes into her cot as a part of her settling routine, you will further reinforce this message. These visual time clues and routines are very important for babies, who obviously are not yet able to tell the time.

For the over 2 year old, you can use a bunny training clock which at a time pre-set by you, will “wake up” and let your child know that it is time to get up. [Just make sure that the clock is out of reach, as many clever toddlers have been known to wake bunny up all by themselves at 2am!]
When tackling your baby’s early waking, the first thing to aim for is that she simply stays in her bed or cot when she wakes up. Once she is able to do this, she will have the opportunity to go back to sleep.
If your child really struggles to go back to sleep, it is best to gradually extend the period that you expect her to lie in her cot or bed.
If you are using a sleep training clock or just simply opening the curtains as a daytime signifier you should:

For the first morning, use the “getting up” prompt at the time that your child normally wakes up at first. This is so that she gets the hang of what is going on has a pleasant experience of the day time trigger.

Setting it too late in the very early days will mean that your child may lose heart, laying in her bed watching for the day time signal.

It is better to start at an achievable time and then move it forward by 5 minutes every morning until you reach an acceptable getting up time.

There is no doubt that early waking is one of the most tricky childhood sleep problems to overcome, but with patience, confidence and resolve – you will get there in the end.

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Your Goals Are Unique

We have just begun another new year in our lives. It is time to regroup and rethink our goals and desires. Our goals may be partially dictated by outer circumstances. These are cases where we need more money for food, repairs to the home or automobile, medication, winter clothing, heat and so forth. These goals are established by necessity.

Other goals are those established by desire or want. We may desire a more attractive appearance, an automobile which will be the envy of all who see it, a mansion instead of a home, a summer home in the mountains and a winter home in the tropics. These desires can be turned into goals.

When the desire is strong enough, the goals can be readily achieved. There are those who will not believe this statement. For those, I say to look back over your life and think about those times when you wanted something so badly you just knew you would die if you did not get it.

Perhaps it was a new bicycle, or a new doll, or a new romance in your life. When you wanted that something so bad you could not sleep nights for thinking about it, you usually either got the item you desired or something even better.

You may also have found that once your dream was fulfilled it wasn’t quite what you thought it should be. In other words, be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

Much has been said and written concerning goal setting. Briefly put, it is to determine what you want and set goals for getting it. Your goals should be attainable, but not without some effort and extension on your part. The goals should not be so far-fetched as to be unattainable.

Your goals will be unique to you and your desires. No other person can establish your goals for you. Should they try to do so, they have imposed their goals on your life. Your goals should be in line with your ethics and morals, and something you deeply desire. A superficial wish cannot be considered a goal.

We have been given this life to develop, change, grow and enjoy. There is no reason for lack of any type in our lives, for there is ample abundance on this earth and in the universe. We are where we are at this point in our life because this is where we have chosen to be.

We have the choice of abundance or abject poverty. You say this is not so, that you were born in abject poverty and have had no opportunity for a fine education or experience to qualify you for a better position in life. I say you can always seek higher and better opportunities.

Look around you. A relative few inherited their wealth from their ancestors. The great majority of those having abundance in their lives started with very little. They refused to be limited by circumstances and created their own opportunities.

They rightly exercised their power of choice. Have you and I effectively used our power of choice? You will have to answer that question for yourself.

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Achieving Success

By studying the successful we will find positive answers that prove to be priceless. It is usually considered that success only entails accumulation of material wealth but that is only a part of success. For what is a million dollars to a depressed soul? Therefore, before we endeavor to go after success we must first understand the greater meaning of success.

Success stimulates an increase in purpose, aspiration, self confidence and encourages even greater success. It is cumulative. It has a great positive effect on all our actions and harmonizes the forces and faculties of the mind. And when we are in harmony we are guided by the Great Force that orchestrates all that is around us. When in this state, we will find that the solutions we seek just come to us at the right moment. It is a position of power. It is in this light that we realize that nothing is more important than success. Even success in small goals is success and has seeds inherent in it to fuel greater success. For example, waking up on time in the morning is success in itself because failure to do this will spoil the whole day.

Another key important effect of success is that our mental states are transformed and we become success conscious as opposed to failure conscious. When we are success conscious, we expect success. That is a powerful state of mind for a mental state which expects failure cannot achieve much. Those who make it in life have an attitude of success, they somehow know that even though the goal they aspire for seems to be out of reach somehow they will reach it. Instead of being preoccupied of why they cannot do it, they are preoccupied about why they can do it. Quite often in life, our failures are simply because of our attitudes, our mental states.

To achieve all round success in life we must therefore begin by understanding the fact that success is more than material possessions. Real success is when our lives are in harmony with everything around us. When we are guided by the Great Spirit, and all our needs are spontaneously met. To arrive to that stage, we must begin by appreciating even the small success and build a mental state of success. And as our mental state is so will be our outer world.

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Tips to Dress for Success

Do you possess the look of a professional? Do you look incredibly smart? Are you confident enough to take charge and get the job that you applying for?

Consider the fact that your resume is quite impressive and the employer can’t resist to have the audacity to ask you to come for an interview. But after the all the preparations, your final problem will surely comes up right after you realize and ask yourself ” what should I wear?” These things are actually important for the job hunters, people tend to have a systemic problem nowadays regarding what they should wear on a job interview. Honestly I’m wired toward automatically seeing the person in these kind of situations because I also had the same experienced when I was hunting for a right job. However many take these for granted, with the eloquence of having an “impressive resume” they forgot that applicants will not only be examined based on the job experience and personality but also with how they present themselves professionally.

Here are the top 20 tips in dressing for an interview

1.Research if the company or your potential employer have a specific dress code.
2.If your planning to buy new clothes, get good advice from sales persons.
3.Have the clothes altered to fit and accent your features.
4.Select an outfit that you have worn before and are comfortable wearing
5.Your hair should be clean and neat.
6.Do not wear a strong perfume or cologne, scent must be low key or absent.
7.Cover any tattoo and limit pierced jewelry to ears only.
8.For men – Wear a suit or sports jacket that is color coordinated with your trousers.
9.For men – You should have clothes in Neutral or dark colors such as blue, black or gray.
10.For men – Wear a conservative and low key tie. Avoid ties with flashy patterns.
11.For men – Keep your sneakers away. A clean, polished black leather shoes is highly recommended.
12.For men – Don’t forget to trim and clean your nails.
13.For men – White socks are definitely NO! Use dark socks.
14.For men – Use dark suit and light colored shirt.
15.For women – Wear a classic suit or simple dress paired with a jacket.
16.For women – The appropriate colors are navy blue, black, dark green, dark red, burgundy or gray.
17.For women – Don’t be too provocative or sexy.
18.For women – Trim your fingernails and use a polish that complements your clothes and would not distract the interviewer.
19.For women – Choose a moderate shoes which is clean and with heels that makes you comfortable.
20.For women – Use a tan or light hosiery.

Clothing will play a role in your career so you should continue to pay attention to your wardrobe. Add pieces made of high quality that will match to what you already have. Buy separates that can be mixed and matched. Dressing is not everything but it will definitely add up to your overall impression that you will make on.

These are some advices and the right tools that I can give to someone on their job hunting, but I have to leave it here. Because as we all end up with reality, applicants must not look good with their own respective dress but might as well have the confidence to make themselves qualified enough for the job. Job hunters should think first all the requirements before going to an interview, from the resume to his/her diploma. They must be ready to answer the question exquisitely. So if you want to have a job career in the future, you should consider these suggestion for you to succeed.

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How to store rare and antique books

The first consideration to be given when collecting rare or antique books is the safe keeping and storage. Whilst this may seem obvious, it is essential to consider these few points in order to ensure the longevity and safe keeping of any collection. The starting point is how the books are to be kept. The considerations to be looked at are as follows:

Shelving The appointment of the shelving within a room is important, in an
ideal world it should be a minimum of 3cm away from any given wall to allow the circulation of air. The wall should not be an outside wall as this can encourage damp. The shelving should be robust and not sag in the middle when fully laden. The shelving would ideally be adjustable so books can be stored upright and central to the shelve, again to promote air circulation. Solid book ends should be used to keep the books upright and tightly stacked, not too tight as this can cause damage when gaining access. Large and heavy books can be stored flat but not stacked on top of each other as this can damage the spines.

Humidity and Temperature Dampness within books encourages mould, however, too dry and the paper can become brittle. The ideal temperature would be between 60-70°F.

Light Direct sunlight is the biggest single contributor to book damage (second only to water). Paper will decay and fade if not protected. Books
should not be stored or subjected to direct sunlight. Your storing room should have the curtains or blinds drawn when not in use.

Infestation There are several critters that are attracted to the component parts of books (starches, glues and paper) such as silverfish, book lice, cockroaches, bookworms, rats and mice. The tell tale signs are small piles of brown dust or bite marks. If you observe any of these symptoms then you should consult a pest control expert immediately.

Build Your Own Windmill

Although it is not very difficult to build your own windmill for powering your home, you do need a very good blueprint to follow. Alternate sources of readily available energy have been escalating in popularity with countless people today, owing to the vast advantages and benefits which they obtain from it. One advantage of a well planned set of blueprints is that the ultimate windmill machine will work positively towards promoting a clean resource devoid of undesirable by-products. It generates no appalling emissions when it creates the valuable electricity, which is great for the environment. And lastly, the monthly cost saving that is associated with your investment is probably the largest benefit of them all.

Most blueprints will let you select exactly how you wish to build your wind generator. Commercial versions can be very costly, and could very well run in the price range of $1,000 to $10,000 dollars. However, you can construct your own generator out of readily available materials. If you do decide to go this route, you will most likely put out approximately one hundred to two hundred dollars for a 1000 watt unit, which is a steal when compared to the manufactured units.

When inspecting any blueprint for your equipment, make note of the annotations that concern the speed of the unit. If you intend to build a generator from scratch, you should research and follow the guides that are written specifically for such homemade devices. You can easily find these guides on the internet if you search appropriately.

Overall, you should have no trouble what so ever in building your wind powered generator if you first obtain a good set of blueprints. That is the key to ensuring you have built your windmill to run at its optimum pace