Happy Trails for a Stress-Free Year

Finding happiness is easier than you might think. Happiness is all around us, and all we have to do is hop in the car and hit the road to find it. Actually, there is more to true happiness than just jumping in the car, but for many people, self-actualization does involve discovering new places, new cultures, beautiful nature and secret little hideaways. Your Daily Dose of Happiness share a few of their favorite “Happy Trails,” hoping you, too, will find happiness there.


For a Canadian, snow is no big deal. This year, we’ve been shoveling it since early November. But to find snow in a desert, that really made my eyes pop. It was noon, and it had rained in Palm Springs, California, the previous evening. But the famous Mojave Desert is actually quite high up in the mountains, and the rain fell there as snow. Just how amazing was it to see snow tucked up against the north side of a cactus? Amazing enough that, through my jet-lag, I delivered a mostly impromptu speech on the sighting at my Toastmasters club.

If you want to see snow sidling up to a cactus – what a photo op! – head for the desert in January or February, and make sure to choose a desert with a high altitude. The Mojave Desert proved most effective for this. Now, should I mention the Joshua trees?


It really is hard to fill one’s eyes with wonder, what with Star Wars and The Lord of The Rings and so many special effects that make a person just want to yawn. Then, every now and then, one comes across something truly unique, something that actually does make your eyes pop with wonder. Such is Yellowknife, a town built on a peninsula of rock in the Arctic. What is unique about this town are the houses in the old city. There are some amazing mansions hoisted up on the rock. Well, at least some corners are on the rock. Others are on stilts one or two stories high. Each house is unique, and so are the various contraptions to keep them level on this uneven land. (Why would anybody choose this spot to settle in the first place, with so much flat land all around?)

The second amazing feature is the shanty-town shacks scattered among the mansions. In every other city, the slums and the ritzy parts of town are separate, but not in Yellowknife. I found that a truly stereotype- shattering sight.


Happiness is spelunking. Let’s face it, you’ve done a million vacations on the road and in the air and on the water. How many have you done underground? Two, in my case. Once in Pennsylvania on a boat, and once in Gatineau Park, in Quebec.

If you think of a cave as something cavernous, these don’t qualify. The two caves are merely a passage for a stream that flows underground for a few yards. The first cave is just right for little children, who can wade in the gently-flowing water.

The second cave is a little more challenging, as the water pools into a miniature underground lake. In the spring, when the water is high, there’s not much room for a head to pass between the water and the roof of the cave. Of course, you have to be daring to brave the cold spring water. June is a great time to visit; by August there’s not as much water. And can there be anything happier than splashing in water while exploring a cave? Happiness is watching the sunrise over Mobile Bay. And what better time to visit the city by the bay than Mardi Gras, when the historic city puts on it’s party face. This traditional celebration was brought to Mobile by the French even before it was established in New Orleans. That history is preserved at the Mardi Gras Cottage Museum located on the grounds of Oakleigh, an antebellum mansion located in the historic section of this fun city. Centuries of Mardi Gras history are packed into this little cottage. Be sure to visit Oakleigh while you are there. In fact Mobile is packed with great historic sites from the French Fort Conte to the U.S.S Alabama, These sites have been carefully preserved or restored

Take time away from the celebrating to visit Bellingrath Gardens and home, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Weeks Bay Preserve, and Mobile Botanical Gardens (which will introduce you to the ecological diversity of Mobile as well). Then there are all of those parades. All of which are guaranteed to make you feel good.


Flowers are a sure mood lifter, so don’t miss the Festival of Camellias at Massee Lane Gardens in Fort Valley Georgia encompasses the entire month of February when camellia blooms are at their peak.(Something is out of place in this sentence.) The flowers begin to show color in October and continue through late March.

Not only camellias show their beautiful faces here. Each season provides a new delight for the eyes with roses, flowering bulbs, day lilies and much more. Even the path winding throughout the gardens is unusual. Scattered randomly through it you will find ancient millstones gathered from middle Georgia. Also along the path you spot granite mile stones from the Old Wire Road witch ran from New Orleans to Washington, D. C. The road was so named because it was the route of the first telegraph lines in the southeast.

After you have absorbed nature’s outdoor offerings, visit the two museums housing the largest public collection of Boehm Porcelains. Here you will find nature reproduced so exquisitely you will sometimes think you are looking on a live bird or a blooming flower.


Food is sure to make everyone happy and Taste of Athens, a community fund raiser, is sure to make you feel good all over. You get to sample all of the exotic restaurants Athens Georgia abounds in all under on roof and contribute to a good cause at the same time this February 23th.

Athens’ restaurants are hard to beat both in number and in excellent cuisine. Cafe and Oyster Bar, where you experience the ambiance as well as the authentic food of “The Big Easy”. It’s housed in an old bank building and the mellow brick walls are reminiscent of some of the French Quarter’s courtyard restaurants. The majority of the food served here is spicy, for example The Blackened Redfish, gumbo and Crawfish Etoffee, but there are enough less heated dishes to suit any taste. Any festival that brings all of these culinary delights together makes me happy.

Power Supply Unit for Guitar

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Network Marketing Success

Network marketing and the internet were made for each other.

The world is your oyster. It’s as easy to send an email around the globe as it is to talk to your next door neighbor.

If that’s true how can we explain the fact that 95% still fail in network marketing?

What are the traits of the top earners?

1. They have a solid bullet proof marketing system.
2. They have the patience of Job.
3. They have the persistence of a bull dog.
4. They set goals.
* Short term goals
* Internediate term goals
* Long term goals
5. They market daily.
6. They believe in what they’re selling, beyond a shadow of a doubt.
7. They sell thereselves first.
8. They understand what motivates people.
9. They train their first level downline members to duplicate their efforts.
10. They praise their downlines accomplishments.
11. They learn from others.
12. They never become complacent. They are always recruiting.
13. They keep it simple.
14. They stay in contact with their downline and their prospects.
15. They go the extra mile. They give more.
16. They follow up on leads at least seven times.
17. They accomplish tasks in order of importance.
18. They concentrate on benefits.
19. They automate their efforts.
20. They have a daily study plan.
* Books
* Newsletters
* Cassetes
21. They are global thinkers.
22. They only spend money when it will earn them a profit.
23. They reinvest their profits in their business.
24. They are willing to step out of their comfort zone.
25. They reward themselves when they reach a goal.
26. They enjoy what they are doing.
27. They are organized.
28. They don’t waste:
* Time
* Energy
* People
29. They reach decisions quickly. And act on them.

Now that you know the basics, it’s up to you to follow through.

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Are Eco Cleaners All Natural?

Eco cleaners are now a massive industry. But, when you are checking those labels to ensure your cleaning is Eco friendly, how do you know what to chose? Green does not necessarily mean natural.

Firstly if you can find all natural cleaning products in your price band, you will be on to a winner. The main problem with conventional products is the amount of toxic synthetic chemical concoctions they include. But, beware – not all Eco cleaners are necessarily natural. That is not to say they are not Eco or green cleaning products. Not every synthetic compound made by man is bad or dangerous! Just make sure you know what you want. Then, be prepared to really hunt for it!

This is not an issue unless you specifically want natural products (which many people do). If you are hoping to use all natural ingredients you must expect to pay more, and find it harder to find! Perfumes are particularly likely to be synthetic, as they can be very costly to product naturally. Check the label. If a manufacturer is using all natural ingredients they will tell you. Organic cleaners are a good route to go down, though again you will be likely to pay more for the extra dark green credentials!

Do not forget about packaging either. Although it is now possible to make some plastics which are relatively easy to recycle, it does not make plastic a good option. If you can find a supplier who uses glass, or refills bottles, fantastic. If not, admit it, your all natural cleaning product is relying in part, on the massive polluting power of the petrochemical industry for its packaging. I am not here to judge, just to point out the imperfection of green products in general and Eco cleaners in particular.

Beware too, some of the ingredients in your simple green cleaner may not be as harmless as you think. The natural world contains nasty, dangerous stuff too, remember. For example a very reliable, open and honest green cleaning product manufacturer still put lye in their tub and tile cleaner. Lye is caustic soda, an explosive and corrosive alkaline material able to eat through plastic, wood and skin. Admittedly the conventional alternative is perhaps more dangerous, containing larger amounts of the scary ingredients. I just think it is useful to realise that Eco cleaning is not necessarily perfect!

One way to ensure we make our cleaning Eco friendly is to move away from such a vast array of cleaning products, green or otherwise. We also need to use less product. Even something as non-polluting, gentle and ‘green’ as liquid vegetable oil soap is not and Eco option when so much is used that it takes gallons of water to rinse it away.

We should not just rely on the green bottles being safe. The best simple green cleaner is soap and water plus your elbow power. We need to change our attitudes to cleaning to make it more environmentally friendly. Use less product, and spend more time scrubbing. Use less varieties of Eco cleaners so you reduce the range of packaging, transport and so on.

The way to make cleaning Eco friendly is to find one simple green cleaner and use it for as many cleaning jobs as you can

How to Develop Special Skills

When the words “distance learning” are used, it’s often with the idea of achieving a degree or attaining a specific certificate. But what if your company needs specialized learning opportunities?

Or what if you are a small company and simply don’t have the means to hire a teacher to help your employees gain a specific skill? The answer could very well be an e-learning class from one of the companies that offer special course work.

Managers around the country need some basic skills that are the same from one business to the next. If a manager has a degree, he usually has at least the basis for managing a business. But what happens when the needs of the company change? Or when it’s time to get updated training for the manager?

A few decades ago, a manager would simply have continued to use the skills he already had without ever really getting any new training. The company’s dilemma is evident – the manager can’t be spared from his current duties to attend classes for updated training, and the company is less likely to prosper if the manager continues to use outdated management practices. E-learning is an answer for that problem.

Specialized coursework is especially efficient for companies with personnel scattered across the country (or even around the world). Consider the company that has offices in several countries. The managers all need some updated training and getting a special course put together means they’ll all be operating on the same page.

The course can be offered either as distance learning with all employees who will attend “meeting” online at a preset time, or as e-learning with employees being required to finish an online course in a set period of time.

What could be better than a united business with consistent business practices? Accountants, bookkeepers, secretaries, security people or any other group could be brought up to date on government requirements and company policies.

Perhaps your company is undergoing growing pains and it’s time to help your employee base increase basic knowledge. Offering distance learning or e-learning opportunities in specific areas can accomplish this while benefiting both the employee and the company.

For some companies, providing their own e-learning sites could be a great benefit for business. Imagine the selling power it would add to tout an online training course in the use of a particular product or service. With the technology available, it’s possible to create custom distance learning or e-learning courses, often with personnel already on staff.

Antiques – The Modern Day Treasure Hunt

In today’s world, everything that’s old can be described as antiques and generally speaking that’s quite true. A product is considered to be an antique if it is over a hundred years old or is rare enough to have some value. In other words, these are old items that are in limited supply.

An antique is something collectible. It may be a piece of antique furniture that you want to collect to enhance the look of a room, or a piece of antique pottery to decorate a corner cupboard, or some antique books, antique camera and photographs, antique jewelry, antique money, antique car, antique clocks, or antique watches that you want to hand down to your grandchildren but the items must be rare enough to be considered an antique. The others are just secondhand goods junk. Most people have a common misconception about an antique: the older they look, the more antique they must be. Appearance has nothing to do with it, just because a piece looks like it came out of grandma’s attic does not necessarily mean that it’s an antique. The value of an antique is based on demand due to suitability and limited supply.

Most people become fascinated in an antique for two reasons; either they have an interest in collecting antique purely for personal enjoyment and are willing to shell out money for antique restoration or they inherited it from a family member. The most common are antique pottery, antique car, antique furniture, antique books, antique camera and photographs, antique clocks, antique money, antique jewelry and antique watches. However they came about it, everyone wants to be sure of one thing that what they buy or inherit will escalate in value as time goes by. That is what antique collection is all about.

There are two main principles that apply when collecting an antique: The first is to know everything that you can about the antique that interests you and second is to obtain them at the lowest possible price. Doing so will not only give you satisfaction and enjoyment, but at the same time you will also be assured that your investment will appreciate in value.

Some people only developed an interest in antique because they inherited an item or a whole house full of antique from a relative. The dollar signs started to appear and they began their hunt for some antique appraisals and antique auction. But what most failed to consider is that much of what Great Grandmother had is probably just junk, unless she was a seasoned collector who’s into antique restoration or an expert in antique appraisals.

It’s true that people could have bought a piece of furniture to decorate their home a long time ago and that furniture, if it were of fine quality, would now be worth something. But only a professional appraiser can guarantee that, and appraising costs about $100-150 an hour. So if you are keen on bringing you item in an antique auction and contemplating about asking someone how much an item is worth, be prepared to shell out a few bucks for the information. Appraisers charge so much because they shoulder the lion’s share for insurance companies and lawyers settling estates. Although appraising is not an exact science, it still requires an appraiser to do lots of research and then prepare a detailed report that’s acceptable in a court of law.

Musical Activities for Guaranteed Fun

Music has the power to calm, sooth, energize and make everyone have fun! Try these ideas at your child’s next play date or sleepover for a guaranteed good time.

1. Jamming Art: Turn on some music-upbeat or mellow-you decide. Without looking directly at the paper, draw pictures and designs to the beat of the music. Make several drawings from different types of music.

2. Animal Walk Parade: Play your favorite tunes on the radio and dance and walk the way your favorite animal would. Remember, the more friends you invite to play, the more fun your parade will be!

3. Music Maker Box: Fill a small trunk, box, or dresser drawer with musical instruments for when inspiration strikes. Purchase inexpensive instruments at garage sales, or make your own including tambourines, strands of jingle bells and film canister maracas.

4. Dance Party: Invite your friends over for a dance party! Ask each guest to bring along a cassette tape or CD with his or her favorite music. Play a song or two from each CD and dance the night away. For super cool invitations, use a permanent marker to write the details of the party on those free Internet CDs that come in the mail.

The arithmetic of success

Suppose you’re taking an essay exam with five questions. You know you can give good answers for three questions, but think that you know nothing about the rest. I’ve seen students walk out of essay exams in that situation – they hadn’t studied exam technique.

Your teacher has brainwashed you by punishing anybody who wrote a three line essay for homework. But two essays of three lines each could take you from failure to a pass mark. My book shows what to put into these few lines, but think of the arithmetic.

You got 45 marks out of 60 for your three good questions. The pass mark is 47%. You get one mark out of 20 for each of the remaining two answers. You have a pass mark. That is better than walking out of the exam in a panic – isn’t it?

In fact I usually got about 75% by using exam techniques. Oh, they aren’t magic. I failed an occasional exam, but I passed many exams that I didn’t deserve to pass, especially using crafty essays.

Convert Your Passions Into Dollars

On Cyberspace (Internet), there is a method from which you can make thousands of dollars per month without needing to have your own product or service. This method is highly flexible, and can be used in different forms to produce income by different people with different knowledge and skills. But one definite use of this method can make money for almost any human who is willing to just do it. This specific style can be defined as:

Transform Your Hobbies or Passions into Income Generating Websites

How? Through Affiliate Programs, The Method for Anyone to Go Smiling All The Way to the Bank, or to Wait Laughing Every Month While Waiting Commission Checks To Come to Your Feet. Let’s talk about…

Affiliate Programs

The pre-existing idea of affiliate programs. (Amazon practically sells anything, but primarily books, and sells online only).

Since books are all-inclusive on any subject of human activity, Amazon.com thought why not utilize all websites out there, who offer knowledge, in such a way that these websites will offer links from their sites to Amazon.com (thus boosting traffic levels and revenue for Amazon), and Amazon.com in return will pay commissions to the referrer (affiliate) for each product sold. That’s how affiliate programs started and the idea circulated.

An affiliate program works, using Amazon as the example, as follows; the affiliate provides links from his site to certain books on the Amazon site, books that are related to the affiliate’s site content. Amazon uses advanced software that tracks who sends each visitor. If and when the visitor buys, Amazon pays the affiliate a commission. Affiliate program is a service offered to people who want to make money.

Affiliate programs work for anyone, since there are thousands of merchant companies out there who offer affiliate programs on thousands of different products. Online Businesses that offer Affiliate Program are broad in scope; Computing and Internet, Fun & Entertainment, Health & Fitness, Home & Family, Marketing and Advertising, Money and Employment, Society & Culture, Sports & Recreation. There are, surely, offline businesses that offer partnership too, but this article is indifferent to Offline Business. At any rate, online business is immeasurable easier then an offline business and success rate is higher, partly owing to the easiness of starting an online business, and also due to the fact that online business stands steadfast in front of a Global Massive Market, instead of a Local Market. Of course this may not always be true. Success of some businesses depends on promotional efforts.

Let’s Get Back To Affiliate Programs:

All the book-keeping, order processing, shipping and handling is taken care by Merchant companies. Your only goal is to make people click on the link which will send them to the merchant company. And Its FREE Join affiliate programs.

Broad nature of affiliate programs makes it possible for anyone to leverage Internet, which brings us to the specific method I mentioned on the headline.

Transforming your hobbies into income generating websites

Let me tell you one thing before going further, To transmute hobbies into income is only one way to make money through affiliate programs. There are other ways, such as, if you have an established business, you can promote related affiliate products on your website as recommendations. If you are conducting an e-mail campaign then you can advertise affiliate products in your e-mail campaigns. The way I am talking about is largely desirable for beginners, but it is universal. Let’s move on.

People who have website

Take a look at any website that doesn’t sell anything but has some content on a particular subject, and you will find an online business that will offer an affiliate programs for that subject. And the owner of that website can make money. So if you own a website, consider searching for a related affiliate program(s).

If your website is about Movies, you can get affiliated with Amazon.com and get access to their movie database; you can advertise anyone of their Movies on your website and get commissions if any visitor from your website follows your advertisement and buy. As I said earlier, companies identify which visitor came from which affiliate by the use of advanced software technology. Each Affiliate has a unique URL that points to the merchant company. When you get affiliated with any company you are told how exactly this tracking process is handled.

People who don’t have website

If you don’t own a website, then here is what you can do if you are interested in affiliate business (this is only one way to do it, I just want to give you an idea, but remember, most companies will give you tips and tricks to jump-start once you get affiliated with them).

One way which works well for many people is to concentrate on a small niche. Choose a topic in which you are passionately interested, and create a web site around that theme. Then select associate programs which closely fit the theme of your site and blend them into the site, using text links.

* Write articles or find articles with reprint rights that match your passions.

* Select affiliate programs that fit the theme of your articles

* Create an informative website containing these nice Articles. To create a quality website. With this service you can create a website if you can stack blocks.

* Ingrain into your website, your unique affiliate links, wherever you see fit.

* Once your website is ready, promote it by submitting to search engines. I have provided for you a free software that will submit your website to search engines. Click here to download.

This is what might happen; supposing that people are now visiting your website. Interested People will come and read your articles; they will like your web-page (for whatever reason) and will perceive that you know what you are talking about and so check out your recommendations (your affiliate advertisements), and they might click and buy through them. Thus, you will make commissions. Of course, that’s only a possible outcome. Whatever I am saying in this article is not scientific or proven information. You might make money or not. But it largely depends on your website content, and your promotion.

Affiliate Programs are very good way to make money, since you don’t need to own products.

There is one other advantage for signing up with affiliate programs, which is, you get extensive, tested and proven marketing materials, tips and tricks on how to improve your promotion and get more visitors to your website, hence bigger commissions. All this material is yours free if you sign up with their program. Why? Because your success is their success.