Mothers Birthstone Rings

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Free Tools To Make Your Business Grow

One of the great things about the net is all the free things you can find and use. Uh-oh, there’s that word again, “free’. It’s got to be one of the most over used words ever, especially on the net! Still, it never fails to thrill, or set the pulse racing! We love the idea of freebies, of getting something useful, cool, beautiful, profitable, functional and a whole list of other things without spending with any money.

So if you’re like me and love the feeling of having found a bargain or better still, some great resource for free, then you’ll love the tools listed and described here! They include:

1. a safe-list submitter
2. a site where you can create you own logos and buttons
3. a site that gives precise, up to date traffic stats
4. an online resource giving over 1200 reviews of web hosts offering free and paid web space
5. an online ad tracker

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the first resource!

1. The Snazzy Promotions freeware safe-list submitter

Snazzy by name, snazzy by nature? You bet it is! This safe-list submitter will save your adverts and you can add an unlimited amount of safe-lists. The only “bad” thing is joining the safe-lists, but once it’s done, it’s done and from there on in, it’s just a case of choosing the safe-lists you want to post to, selecting the ad and clicking. Talk about a great time saver!

2. Cool Text

This site makes it really easy to create your own buttons and logos. There’s a wide variety of styles and textures (over 100) to choose from and with over 52 fonts to use, you can really let your imagination go and create some very beautiful, unique images. You might want to visit this site when the amount of web traffic is decreasing as it’s EXTREMELY popular!

3. Web Stat

Have you got a site that you can access the coding for? If so, provides very accurate traffic statistics. With the free option, you can track the stats for one URL and these will give you info on:
1. the visited pages
2. monthly page trends
3. browsers
4. operating systems
5. search engines
6. countries

You’ll also get a general summary giving you a concise report on, amongst other things, the page views for the day and for the past week.

4. Web Host Reviews

You might want to try out a web host before committing to monthly payments but which one do you choose? Which free web hosts allow you to host your own domain? Which ones give you free web space with no ads? As I’ve come to discover, searching for this information can be an infuriating experience! Don’t get like me, check out for detailed reviews and ratings of over 1200 free web hosts. It’s a great time and stress saver!

5. Free Ad Tracker

Last but not least, allows you to create unlimited ad campaigns for free. It’s so important to know which places are producing results advertising wise and which ones need to be dropped. Tracking your ads will save you lots of money and effort and if you want to try it for free.

Vision turned into Action

An old proverb reads, A poor man is not he without a cent, it is he without a vision. This website is the result of one man’s vision, turned into action. I wanted to create a place that would integrate teens from all over in a positive atmosphere’ to interact, engage, and debate. I wanted to give our generation a good name for a change, and show the world our potential’ that we are globally aware, articulate, passionate, and have a strong voice that can’t be ignored.

Having high aspirations taught me that the question is rarely what you can or cannot accomplish, but merely how badly you wish to achieve your goals. It forced me to decide for myself what was important for me, and strive to make my goals a reality. In that same vain, nothing you set out to achieve is beyond your abilities, as long as you desire to make them happen. This is my vision. Help me make it become even more of a reality.

We recently launched with many features, and have several other features in the works. Keep it real. Have fun. Enjoy!

Quality Guitar Amplifiers

People who are looking for the guitar amplifiers that deliver the clear tone, then visit at and find the variety of Line6 guitar amplifiers at a very reasonable price. They offer the best quality musical instruments and related accessories with the best possible price. Line 6-Spider delivers a perfectly distilled amp tones and access four absolutely essential amp models that meet every guitarist needs.

Internet fraud has two distinct strands to it

One results from the differences between doing business in the physical world and the dematerialized world of the Internet. This gap has been accentuated by the ‘world of the Internet’ to the point where the user has no conventional reference points. This leaves the user ill placed to make adequate judgments of any kind, not merely about security and the possibility of fraud.

The other results from technical inadequacies in the infrastructure used by the service providers. Lack of clear regulation has allowed registration practices to develop that are not acceptable anywhere else for doing business. Previously available security mechanisms have been implemented in ways that fail to protect the user and which require, if followed, unreasonable user effort and significant user education.

Mechanisms such as the law may be able to provide some assistance, but care needs to be taken that the law is not used as an excuse for inadequate business practices. It would be sensible to ensure that a duty of care to implement best practice is included in legislation to expose any who have failed to protect themselves, their shareholders or their customers. Self regulation is another essential approach, but it must avoid becoming all self and no regulation if it is to carry real conviction to a suspicious user community, and its practices must be clear, obvious and understandable to the ordinary man. The paper world has already done this so wheel re-inventing is not required.

The introduction of new technologies places responsibilities upon their implementers. The developers have a responsibility to get it technically right. The implementers have a responsibility to deal with its social and cultural dimensions, and cannot stand back and ignore these. Professional web site design carries a great deal more responsibility than merely sorting out key words, search terms and a site map.

3D Multi-Touch Pad Controller

As an artist, you want controls the working track and effects levels with multi-touch track controller, then make use quneo that is more powerful MIDI controller you’ve ever played. QuNeo is packed with great choices like tactile pads, sliders, rotary sensors and switches and performance device for electronic musicians, DJ sand VJs, you can select this different species of pad controller and make your job easier.

How Do You Define Happiness?

I ran a contest in “Your Daily Dose of Happiness” to see how people define happiness. I was stunned to discover that I am the only person who defines happiness as an extra helping of cheesecake.

There were other shockers, too.

We know that money can’t buy happiness … except, of course, when we are flat broke. But I figured several people would define happiness, at least in part, as a bulging bank vault or “financial freedom”. Just three people cited money in their definitions of happiness.

I also figured many people would cite health as part of their definition of happiness, as in “health, wealth, and happiness”. But only four people mentioned health.

No health? No wealth? How do people define happiness?

The top rated mention goes to family. It seems that we might be flat broke and deathly ill, but a loving family will make us happy just the same.

Altruism and kindness are also key. It seems we smile by making others smile. Isn’t that nice? No health and no wealth. Just smile.

Faith scores big, too. This works out very well, because we can ask our loving family to pray for a speedy recovery and a big win in El Gordo next month (assuming we recover first).

What does this mean? It means the spammers have it all wrong. They keep sending us useless emails about making money.

A typical spam message says, “Get the insider secrets to making millions on the Internet. I will give you these valuable secrets for peanuts just because I love your smile so much. You could make $5,433 in the next hour if you act now. Hurry. Don’t wait. This is the real thing. You can trust me. All the others are just scammers.”

Instead, spammers should be sending offers like, “Get the insider secret to building a loving family on the Internet. I will give you these valuable secrets for peanuts (and a big virtual hug) just because I love your smile so much. You could love your kids, spouses, uncles, parents, pets anybody! in the next hour if you act now. Hurry. Don’t wait. This is the real thing. You can trust me. All the others are just family planners.”

Spammers also waste emails on replacing body parts we never had and enhancing body parts we could never have, when what we really want is to know God better.

Here is a typical spammer email: “Hair loss? We just released the miracle cure. Grow your hair back thicker than a wooly mammoth preparing for the next ice age. This is worth a gazillion dollars, but you get it free for just pennies a day. Give me your credit card number before midnight tonight. I can’t afford to offer this price for long. Beware phony products that drip funny colors in your face or make hair grow in all the wrong places. This is the real thing!”

Instead, spammers should be saying: “Faithless? Book your luncheon with the Pope, dinner with the Dalai Lama and a one-on-one chat with Moses. Reserve your seat free for just a handful of pennies. Give me your credit card number before midnight tonight. Act now. I can’t afford to offer this price for long. Beware phony reservations for meetings with Michael Jackson and other fake gods. This is the real thing!”

By the way, Mother Nature was also a part of many definitions of happiness. So take your family down by the river for a prayer. And if you can lend a helping hand to a chipmunk or a duck, you’ll be the perfect definition of happiness.

The Internet And The Library

“In this digital age, the custodians of published works are at the center of a global copyright controversy that casts them as villains simply for doing their job: letting people borrow books for free.”

It is amazing that the traditional archivists of human knowledge – the libraries – failed so spectacularly to ride the tiger of the Internet, that epitome and apex of knowledge creation and distribution. At first, libraries, the inertial repositories of printed matter, were overwhelmed by the rapid pace of technology and by the ephemeral and anarchic content it spawned. They were reduced to providing access to dull card catalogued and unimaginative collections of web links. The more daring added online exhibits and digitized collections. A typical library web site is still comprised of static representations of the library’s physical assets and a few quasi-interactive services.

This tendency – by both publishers and libraries – to inadequately and inappropriately pour old wine into new vessels is what caused the recent furor over e-books.

The lending of e-books to patrons appears to be a natural extension of the classical role of libraries: physical book lending. Libraries sought also to extend their archival functions to e-books. But librarians failed to grasp the essential and substantive differences between the two formats. E-books can be easily, stealthily, and cheaply copied, for instance. The source of the e-book – scanned printed titles, or converted digital files – is immaterial and irrelevant. The minute a title becomes an e-book, copyright violations are a real and present danger. Moreover, e-books are not a tangible product. “Lending” an e-book – is tantamount to copying an e-book. In other words, e-books are not books at all. They are software products. Libraries have pioneered digital collections (as they have other information technologies throughout history) and are still the main promoters of e-publishing. But now they are at risk of becoming piracy portals.

Solutions are, appropriately, being borrowed from the software industry. Net Library has lately granted multiple user licenses to a university library system. Such licenses allow for unlimited access and are priced according to the number of the library’s patrons, or the number of its reading devices and terminals. Another possibility is to implement the shareware model – a trial period followed by a purchase option or an expiration, a-la Rosetta’s expiring e-book.

Distributor Baker & Taylor have unveiled at the recent ALA a prototype e-book distribution system jointly developed by i-books and Digital Owl. It will be sold to libraries by B&T’s Informatory division and Reciprocal.

The annual subscription for use of the digital library comprises “a catalog of digital content, brand able pages and web based tools for each participating library to customize for their patrons. Patrons of participating libraries will then be able to browse digital content online, or download and check out the content they are most interested in. Content may be checked out for an extended period of time set by each library, including checking out e Books from home.” Still, it seems that B&T’s approach is heavily influenced by software licensing (“one copy one use”).

But, there is an underlying, fundamental incompatibility between the Internet and the library. They are competitors. One vitiates the other. Free Internet access and e-book reading devices in libraries notwithstanding – the Internet, unless harnessed and integrated by libraries, threatens their very existence by depriving them of patrons. Libraries, in turn, threaten the budding software industry we, misleadingly, call “e-publishing”.

There are major operational and philosophical differences between physical and virtual libraries. The former are based on the tried and proven technology of print. The latter on the chaos we know as cyberspace and on user-averse technologies developed by geeks and nerds, rather than by marketers, users, and librarians.

Physical libraries enjoy great advantages, not the least being their habit-forming head start (2,500 years of first mover advantage). Libraries are hubs of social interaction and entertainment (the way cinemas used to be). Libraries have catered to users’ reference needs in reference centers for centuries (and, lately, through Selective Dissemination of Information, or SDI). The war is by no means decided. “Progress” may yet consist of the assimilation of hi-tech gadgets by lo-tech libraries. It may turn out to be convergence at its best, as librarians become computer savvy – and computer types create knowledge and disseminate it.

Poly Stripe Fitted Tablecloths

Anyone is interested in planning their home improvement project and looking for the excellent quality poly stripe fitted tablecloth and chair covers, then visit at Premier Table Linens. They carry heavy-duty 100% polyester material and available in a variety of tablecloths, table skirts, table toppers, napkins, trade show displays, banners and much more with different futuristic solid colors, you can choose your favorite at a very reasonable price. Their products are made by stain release fabric with superior quality and wrinkle resistant that makes easy care, using them to step up to your home beautiful.

Photography Tips and Methods

Portrait is defined as, A likeness of a person, especially one showing the face, that is created by a painter or photographer, for example. In the area of portrait photography there are some guidelines that you should consider when you go to take photos of people.

The different types of portraits are: close-ups, facial shots, upper body shots or environmental portraits. Environmental portraits are where you focus on the subject and on their surroundings that provide more character to the subject.

When people have a camera in their face it usually makes them nervous and they will try to put on a face that does not portray who they really are. The real skill to portrait photography is trying to capture photos when the subjects are comfortable and not worried about a camera.

Many professional photographers try to capture their subject’s true essence by using tricks. One example of this is counting to three so the subject prepares and then while they are relaxing after taking a planned photo the photographer will snap a few more unplanned photos. In most cases the subject won’t even know that more than one photo was taken but it’s usually the photos that the subject wasn’t expecting that capture their true essence.

Another more common strategy professionals use is to tell funny jokes that make their subjects genuinely laugh or smile. I’m sure that you have probably experienced something like this yourself.


These usually have the subject’s shoulders and head or less. They are framed around the face. These are the most common and best at capturing expressions and glamor shots. For these it is very important to have the light coming from a good angle. To accent wrinkles or small details you should have the light coming from the side or from the top. To create flattering pictures you should choose a cloudy day or try to create diffused light so there are hardly any shadows. Also make sure the subject is brighter than the background to reduce distraction.

For close-up portraits you should use a wide aperture (low f/stop) to make the background out of focus and therefore less of a distraction. Professionals commonly use a fixed telephoto lens that’s 90 mm or higher for portraits in order to de-emphasize the subject’s nose or any other unflattering feature. It works because at that distance the nose or any other feature does not seem closer to the camera than the rest of the face.


These are easier to capture because the subject is probably more relaxed because it’s less personal. These include a little more of the background than close-ups. These are commonly used for both single subjects and multiple subjects. This is the kind of portrait used to mark occasions such as graduation, yearbook, birthdays and other parties. The ideal lens would be about a 90 mm fixed telephoto or more wide angle depending on how many subjects there are.


These are the portraits that let you into the life of a subject. They might include the whole subject in a scenario or the subject participating in some hobby that they enjoy. These are best for telling a story to the viewer about the subject. They are almost always used by photojournalists to look into the lives of interesting people. They also make great Black and White pictures.

Use this information to develop what kind of portrait style you would like to take, and then practice it before dealing with any serious clients.